Yangebup’s Rocky

Hayden ‘H-Bomb’ Wright (back row middle) gives free boxing lessons to Yangebup young’uns.

A YANGEBUP slugger with a big heart is looking to expand his free youth boxing classes after they proved a big hit with low-income families in Cockburn.

For the past eight months, Hayden ‘H-Bomb’ Wright has been giving free lessons to 6-17 year olds at his Yangebup Community Boxing Club.

Despite being physically intimidating and packing a ferocious punch, he’s known as one of the nice guys of boxing.

“I’m not like the 99 per cent of other boxers – I have no tattoos, I don’t go out clubbing or drinking, I work in disability most nights, and I’m in bed by 7pm with my two girls aged two and three watching Frozen,” the H-Bomb says. 

“People are often shocked when they find out I’m a professional heavyweight boxer.” 

Wright is also a personal trainer and ploughs any profits back into the boxing club.

“If I do a paid personal training session for members of the community, the money I receive goes towards the things like fuel to pick up the kids, and to pay for coffee and tea for the adults…” “Many of the kids’ parents can’t afford the fuel or drive.”

Wright says The Yangebup Community Boxing Club is more than a place for sport, providing local youth with the opportunity to improve “fitness, self-worth, discipline, social skills and respect. 

“I provide mentoring and advice to teenagers without a positive male role model in their life.

“I also run a champion of the night award in which the outstanding boxer on the night receives a little gift, along with monthly pizzas, and lollies after each class.”

Recently the club received financial donations from sponsors and the local community, which will be used to buy a boxing pack for each kid with gloves, a t-shirt, skipping rope and drink bottle.

As well as a new roller door for the boxing club as it gets bitterly cold there in winter.

Wright is looking to expand the club to other venues in Cockburn, Fremantle and South Lake. 

But before all that H-Bomb’s got to put on his “nasty” hat, when he takes to the ring in Melbourne on July 10 to take on Sam ‘The Punisher’ Abdulrahim for the Pacific Title.


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