Fun festival

DO you fancy soaking in an open-air bathtub beside the Indian Ocean in the depths of winter?

Well you can at Soak and Steam, one of the outré events held in Fremantle as part of the 10 Nights in Port festival.

There will also be an open-air sauna somewhere along the Freo coastline in this quirky event by local artist Jesse Lee.

“There will be treats and pampering, there will be human connectivity and an opportunity to embrace your own, there will be sun and there will be rain, there will be reflection on creativity and where that can take us, there will be willing people and there will be me!” she says.

The 36-year-old studied visual arts at TAFE and has a degree in fine art from Curtin University. 

These days she is super busy and divides her time between her five-year-old child and her studio space in Hamilton Hill, so it’s no surprise Soak and Steam has a pampering and relaxing element to it.

If bathing in public is not your thing, there’s plenty of other fun events at 10 Nights in Port.

Epic Dance is a celebration of the dance history of Fremantle, where you can watch and learn styles like Afrofusion and Bhangra in fun workshops. 

The event is free and held at The Naval Store, and Notre Dame Student Recreational Hall.

One of the most popular events at previous festivals has been Hidden Tresaures, where hip indie bands play kitsch old venues in Fremantle like The Buffalo Club on High Street.

This year’s Hidden Treasures will feature new surprise venues and a stellar line-up of bands including Sofa, Alter Boy, Bradley Hall and Seawitch.

There’s also Future Treasures, where you can enjoy young up-and-coming bands from local high schools like Seton College and John Curtin College of the Arts. 

The WAM Award winners BEXX will be headlining.

If you enjoy local history then check out Underneath/Overlooked, an art installation cum community exhibition on a little known Freo heritage story.

Postwar Italian immigrants Giuseppe and Anna Scolaro from Capo d’Orlando founded the Universal Tile Factory in Blinco Street in Fremantle in 1950.

Giuseppe, a skillful and talented artisan, produced a range of decorative terrazzo tiles using vibrant pigment, Italian marble and complex patterns and patinas.

Underneath/Overlooked began as a search for the remaining houses and civic buildings still containing these special floors and became an exhibition that celebrates Giuseppe and Anna’s contribution to the design heritage of Fremantle. 

The event at Moores Building includes a ‘Terrazzo Talk’ with artist Penny Bovell and project manager Gabby Howlett.

10 Nights in Port starts on Thursday (July 15). For more info see


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