Wild fundraiser

• A fundraiser for breast cancer patient Sarah Thiessen (left) was possibly the most Fremantle event ever.

SARAH Thiessen is a warrior whose sharpest sword is love.

The 27-year-old’s journey to fight breast cancer has involved parrots, circus performers, a chocolate-based healing ritual and a massive, massive amount of community support and love. 

In 2018 Thiessen moved from Canada to Fremantle. Since then, her photography and videography business Wild Love has seen her work at local events and meet the people who organise and attend them.

“Often I’m the person who will stick around after the event to help out the crew and take stuff down,” she says.

Unsurprisingly, her roots began to spread.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, some people told her she would be better off going back to Canada, where she would have access to government-funded healthcare, but Thiessen pushed hard to stay. 

“I’ve had more love here than I’ve ever experienced my whole life.”

Her friends’ response? “We got this.”

So how do you pay for chemo without medicare? If you’re Sarah Thiessen, you throw a massive party. 

The Warrior Tribe Healthraiser was held May 23 at The Railway Hotel in North Fremantle and Thiessen’s work connections ensured the night was as warm, silly, outrageous, magnificent, healing, and of course warrior-strong as herself. 

The night featured jungle decor from the theme camps of Blazing Swan (WA’s annual Burning Man event), a performance by the Silly Town Circus, a sound healing ritual, a chocolate healing ritual, all-out costumes, and a heck of a lot of dancing. Oh, and a mermaid room and live parrots.

Venue, decor and entertainment were all donated, a testament to the love Thiessen has found in Freo. 

Thiessen even gave a performance, moving her body to the spoken word poem Today I Remember Who I Am by Mary Galindo, allowing everyone there to feel the weight of the words. 

“I am a…magic mama, juicy goddess, boundless badass creatrix.”

Slowly, she removed the elaborate headdress a friend had crafted from flowers, horns and Thiessen’s own shaved dreadlocks, to reveal her baldness. Full warrior mode. 

While the proceeds have gone a long way toward helping Thiessen fight cancer; chemo isn’t cheap. 

On Saturday August 14 Thiessen will host Warrior Tribe Unite. 

Expect DIY pizza, campfire healing stories and love, love, love. 

You can search for the event on Facebook or buy tickets at humanitix.com.

You can also support Thiessen by donating to Save Our Sarah on gofundme.com.

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