Painful rope trick

Otis had an hour-long ordeal with his hand stuck in a steel rope boom gate. 

A FREAK accident turned a school holiday excursion to Fremantle into a painful ordeal for a visiting youngster.

Jenny Orchard had been visiting the Shipwrecks Museum with good pal Marlene Potter and their grandsons when the boys stopped to jump puddles in Notre Dame uni’s carpark on the corner of High and Cliff Streets.

Ms Orchard said her friend’s eight-year-old grandson Otis careered into the steel rope barrier at the entrance to the carpark and somehow pinned the skin of his palm between its metal coils.

“Despite extraordinary assistance for over an hour from the owner of [Chalkie’s] Cafe who provided chairs, water and ice packs, plus various cafe patrons including a lovely young nurse, the distraught boy was unable to be freed,” Ms Orchard told the Herald.

The worried grans called in the fire brigade and an ambulance crew, who provided an analgesic and anaesthetising inhaler.

Ms Orchard said the fireys were able to twist the metal the opposite way to release poor Otis, who fortunately escaped with not much more than a bruising experience to share at show and tell.

The Chook later tried to recreate the incident, but despite numerous foolish attempts to put a hand into the wire, was left gobsmacked at how an eight-year-old could manage it.

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