MICHAEL SEPAROVICH said he was definitely seeking to retain his position as Councillor but was still thinking about a run for mayor. 

“Personally, I think I would thrive in the role,” he said.

“The Department’s [of Local Government] enquiry into the city has vindicated that every decision I made during our CEO shenanigans last year was based in good governance, which definitely says something about me being able to rely on my instincts to make the right choice. 

“I’m also one of the few councillors that has completed the emergency management and recovery training from the Western Australian Local Government Association, which is one of the lesser-known roles of the mayor.”

Cr Separovich said a good mayor had to be able to speak freely in order for ratepayers to get the full value out of who they vote for.

“I see it as critical that the mayor uses their position to advocate the state and federal government to make sure we are getting a fair go when it comes to major projects and infrastructure,” he said. 

“For example, what happened to the Metronet project to extend the Fremantle line to Cockburn Central? That was major infrastructure that was quietly dropped with no one willing to call it out.”

Cr Separovich’s outspoken nature has recently landed him in hot water. The Local Government Standards Panel found a string of comments posted from his personal social media account in 2020 breached local government legislation.

“Although it isn’t public yet, I have challenged the findings of the Local Government Standards Panel through the State Administrative Tribunal,” he said. 

“The State Solicitor’s Office has recommended all complaints be overturned due to the posts being from a personal page that does not identify myself as a councillor, and the content of the posts not being the city or the business of the council.”


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