Powerhouse performance

Phil Eva

COUNCILLOR Phil Eva has served ratepayers for the past eight years and also worked as an electorate officer for retired Cockburn Labor MLA Fran Logan for 13 years. He said these roles gave him the opportunity to be active in the community, as well as an insight into the everyday issues of Cockburn. 

“Cockburn at the moment is undergoing a huge change with development, tourism, population growth and huge pressures are on our natural environment,” he said. 

“I am willing to take on these challenges and give an even-handed, new approach to all issues.”

Cr Eva also said he would aim to find a solution to the lack of public transport in Cockburn, but this wasn’t the only issue he identified. 

“The activation of Latitude 32 has been an eyesore in the City of Cockburn for the last 30 years,” he said. “This area could be a powerhouse for the city, giving us more employment and a stronger rate base.”

Cr Eva said with good planning and a unified council, anything could be possible in Cockburn.

“I am proud of what I have helped to achieve in Cockburn over the last eight years since being elected to council,” he said.


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