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Fedele Camarda’s back for another tilt at Beaconsfield. Photo by Steve Grant.

FORMER Freo mayor Peter Tagliaferri has continued his involvement in local politics, throwing his support behind Frank Mofflin’s tilt at his old job, and two ward candidates – just don’t call it a ticket.

Mr Tagliaferri admits part of his decision was based on Mr Mofflin being the only candidate to ask for his advice, but reckons he’s known him for a number of years and he’s got a “commercial head” the council needs.

Still smarting a raft of services from his reign have since been hived off or closed, Mr Tagliaferri said he supported a change in the council’s direction.

“I don’t think the community has come with the council on a whole range of issues,” he said.

The purchase of a potential depot site that’s asbestos-riddled and halved in value is a developing scandal, he says, as is the below-value sale of the Henderson Street carpark to Sirona Capital, which quickly offloaded it to a Twiggy Forrest-linked company for a profit.

“I would never have headed down that path – they should have got the money up front,” Mr Tagliaferri said.

The former mayor is also backing cray fisherman Fedele Camarda who’s back for another tilt at the Beaconsfield ward. He lost to Hannah Fitzhardinge last time around, but she says she won’t be running again this time in order to concentrate on her own mayoral campaign.

Mr Camarda told the Herald he was keen to support sporting clubs, particularly as the Heart of Beaconsfield project increased the ward’s density.

“With the kids coming through, it’s important that we look out for clubs in the area, and particularly the spaces that they want and that they operate on,” Mr Camarda said.

Mr Camarda believes the density proposed for Heart of Beaconsfield’s a bit on the heavy side and the council hasn’t really engaged with many of the migrant families that live around the precinct, but isn’t running a campaign on simply bagging its efforts.

“I think there’s a lot of positives in Freo, that’s why I want I want to get involved because I think there’s a lot of upside. I’m not getting on to be doomsday and just criticise people.”

Mr Tagliaferri’s also backing businesswoman Mia Kriznic in city ward, where she’ll be up against incumbent Adin Lang and chartered accountant Craig Ross, the latter on a ticket with Ms Kriznic’s former ally Marija Vujcic.

Ms Kriznic says she’s watched in “disbelief” as the city she grew up in faltered, it’s shopfronts emptying and crime and anti-social behaviour going unchecked.

“Under the current council leadership, we have witnessed a complete lack of focus on the Fremantle town centre, seen our council go into $8.3 million in debt and watched our once beautiful and thriving Port City neglected, ignored, and shamefully bought to her knees,” Ms Kriznic said.

She wants to establish a “safer Freo city group” with businesses, MPs, council reps, police and service organisations to tackle the anti-social behaviour.

Other initiatives include lobbying for the immediate establishment of a Covid vaccine clinic in Fremantle, bringing back Fremantle’s Festival to November, extending the CAT bus to the South Freo shops and offering dog owners a roll of dog bags when they renew their registration.

While Ms Kriznic was keen to talk up her “shared values” with Mr Camera, he told the Herald he wanted to be seen as a strictly independent candidate and not part of any ticket.


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