Wig-wag lights

Photo supplied

AFTER a couple of near misses when a replacement for a sick crossing guard couldn’t be found, wig-wag lights are being installed to help students from Applecross high and Ardross primary get across Riseley Street near Drew Road.

Ardross parent Cindy Webster has been pushing for the lights for several years, noting that without the guard young kids are having to negotiate four lanes of traffic.

Bateman Labor MP Kim Giddens also took up the baton after Applecross principal Paul Leech raised it with her, and says she was thrilled the works would be completed by October.

Melville council will fund the lights, with Main Roads looking after the installation. Bateman MP Kim Giddens and Melville mayor George Gear joined Ms Webster, her kids and Applecross high principal Paul Leech to see where the lights will go.

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