Freo icon

As I get older I become so much more pedantic.

Overuse of the word “icon” is on my hate list because, let’s face it, who or what should be ”regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration”? 

I’m going to suggest the good old Capri is a Fremantle icon.  

Forty years in the business speaks for itself, as does a full restaurant at 6pm.

We were off to see an early movie but it was going to be a long one and there’s only so much popcorn a person can eat.  So, where in Freo to eat and run? My friend Viv suggested the Capri. What an inspired choice.

The Capri still offers complimentary bread and soup with all orders of main courses, and the soup is rather good.  I’m usually very boring and tend to order misto mare whenever the opportunity arises. I love seafood but preparing it is such a messy job I look forward to eating it after someone else has done the peeling and scaling.  I’m a slow but enthusiastic eater so a seafood platter would take me too long to work through.

But I’ve had veal parmigiana on my mind lately, or at least on my Facebook food group.  I did once order a parmi in a pub at a work do, thinking “It’s a standard, what can go wrong”?

It resembled deep fried cardboard and the chips were lukewarm and I have been too scared to try one again. 

But the Capri is different. The menu is large but not ridiculously so.  All the classics are there, including roast chicken with spaghetti bolognese, just like the old days.  Spaghetti bolognese is in fact available as a side with all meat dishes. They offer a basic three course children’s menu for $12, which would make most young ones happy with their choices and parents happy with the price.

After some dithering and then rapid-fire negotiation we decided that rather than sharing, we would order two entrée-sized parmis ($28.50) and a side of their hand cut chips ($6).

Service was faster than we could have hoped for, even with the soup. Our food arrived promptly: a plump cotoletta of veal, definitely not steak as is so often the case. 

It was as tender as the proverbial, topped with the kind of tasty tomato sauce you would expect and more cheese than you sometimes see on a suburban pizza. 

The salad looked good and tasted better, with a zesty herbed dressing. A meal, which was absolutely fit for purpose.

Much as I would have enjoyed coffee, we had a movie to catch. So, having arrived at 5.15pm we were happily fed and on our way at six.

Booking at peak times is recommended. 

Institution, there’s another word.

The Capri
21 South Terrace, Fremantle
9335 1399
Open for lunch and dinner, everyday

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