Back from the brINK

Some of Palmyra primary’s budding letter-writers. Photo by Tide Robinson.

FOR the last couple of months at Bicton Primary school our year 4/5 class participated in another successful Pen Pal Project.

It was initiated in 2020 by the school’s fantastic staff members Megan Morley and Natalie Dawson, in conjunction with Gerald Burns Pharmacy. 

They thought it would be a great way for students to learn the art of formulating and writing a letter (an almost extinct method of communication) and also a means for some elderly members of the community to meet our class  through mail.

This platform allowed us to exchange stories, thoughts, memories and ideas. 

Every few weeks our class came up with different topics to write about, along with appropriate questions to ask.

Our letters were taken to the local Gerald Burns Pharmacy, who acted as the postman, and placed them into the prescription refill of the seniors wishing to take part. 

The Covid pandemic has contributed to our elderly people feeling lonely and socially isolated from their families and friends. 

Receiving letters from the students created new friendships. 

This exchange gave them something to look forward to and an opportunity to share their past experiences and current lives. 

My pen pal’s name is Mirna, a lovely lady who loves her grandchildren, enjoys reading and going to the gym. 

I’ve enjoyed sharing with her my family’s latest adventures, plus my passion for writing stories.

I love that this idea has connected so many lives in such a positive way. 

I hope that other kids at other schools take part in a pen pal program too. 

It helps to keep the art of letter writing alive and fill the hearts of some lonely aged folk in our community. 


Ed’s note: Tide Robinson is a Year 5 student from Bicton Primary School

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