In striking distance

Sophia Brooks burns her dad Addam in a fast-paced game of Boca. Photo by Steve Grant.

A RISING South Fremantle soccer star with her eyes on the Matildas has taken the next step by making it onto the state team.

Sophia Brooks, whose foot is virtually glued to a ball from the moment she wakes and has previously featured as a talent to keep an eye on in the Herald (“Waltzing to the Matildas,” Herald, November 28, 2020) was recently selected for the Under-14 state girls team.

Although Covid has scotched a national competition, she’ll run onto the field against the Perth Glory boys early next month where she’ll have the chance to show off her skills in front of the national selectors.‘The beautiful game’ is so entrenched in her family that dad Addam has invented a whole new branch; Boca, or soccer in a box.

Mr Brooks, who has set up the first Boca pitch beside the Hilton Bowling Club, reckons his sport, played at close quarters by two teams of three in a 10m by 13m cage, has helped give Sophia an edge.

“It’s a real skill saturation and you learn composure under pressure,” he said, describing it as “futsal on steroids”.

Anyone interested in tackling Boca can give it a try at an open day today (Saturday October 16) from 3-8pm at the Hilton Bowling Club on Shepherd Street.

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