Local talent

THIS year’s Perth Amateur Photographers exhibition will be a decidedly local affair with Covid preventing most Sandgropers from taking snaps outside WA.

Featuring 150 photos from 47 amateur photographers of all ages and backgrounds, the exhibition has everything from stunning time-lapse shots of Perth to breathtaking snaps of native flora and fauna.

There’s plenty of Fremantle in the exhibition including a moody and slightly eerie nighttime shot of the West End by Elizabeth Vargas – the gloomy streets punctuated by the glow from the odd street lamp.

There’s also a beautiful shot by Warren Brough of South Mole at dusk – the lighthouse cast in emerald green – and a dramatic photo of the port cranes looming over Leighton Beach.

If you prefer portraits then exhibition curator Travis Satur has some great shots including a touching black-and-white photo of an old couple kissing, and a fun snap of Ersilia Festa, who recently opened a mini Italian deli in the heart of Fremantle, clutching a slab of meat.

Some of the most stunning shots in the exhibition are by Benjamin Brown, who uses ‘light painting’ and time-lapse photography to turn Perth into an iridescent work of art.

“Light painting allows you to manipulate the light to create a scene – It can be as simple as waving a torch in front of your camera or setting up elaborate lighting and effects,” he says.

“It’s a really fun and creative form of photography that anybody can do. I enjoy trying to get creative with Light painting Perth landmarks.

“I think the attraction for me about long exposure photography, is the fact you can image what your eyes can’t see.”

Brown says he recently started dabbling in astrophotography, taking advantage of the low light pollution in WA.

“You can get great astrophotography images close to home or even in your own backyard,” he says.

“It’s amazing what you can image in space with a relatively cheap setup and basic knowledge.


“Although it can become an expensive hobby with a steep learning curve, it is also very beginner friendly and worth having a go.”

Mr Satur says there has been a shift towards landscapes and nature shots in this year’s exhibition.

“Lots of the subjects entered into the exhibition were taken locally with our photographers exploring around our own backyard to find the inspiration for our shots,” Mr Satur says.

“The exhibition is entirely open category so it is perhaps a sign of the times that there is a stronger focus in being out-and-about in nature more and finding interesting subjects closer to home.” 

The Perth Amateur Photographers exhibition is at Kidogo Art House on Bathers Beach, Fremantle from October 26 – November 1. 


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