Music program grows

Melville Summer Music curator Duncan Strachan and muso Frankie Hocking from Frankie’s Fish Tank get a good view over Yagan Mia Wireless Hill. Photo by Steve Grant.

MELVILLE council’s popular Limestone Concerts have grown and gained a new name – Melville Summer Music.

The program will now include nine Saturday evening concerts starting next weekend (November 13) and running through till March.

The concerts, at the family-friendly time of 5-7pm, will be a perfect opportunity for a picnic, with food trucks and hot local talent backdropped by beautiful sunsets.

It kicks off with Old Blood’s deep bluesy rock at Yagan Mia Wireless Hill next Saturday, and then there’s a swing through pop, afrobeat, indi, jazz, country and folk.

Natalie Gillespie’s next up with her sassy blues on December 4 at Kadidjiny Park, then the Indoor Fins and Frank’s Fish Tank on December 18 also at Kadidjiny.

Next year’s will also include performances at Limestone Amphitheatre and Piney Lakes Reserve.

Melville mayor George Gear urged residents to get out and soak up a sunset.

“Melville Summer Music is part of the City of Melville’s evolving arts program aimed at making the city a more liveable, enjoyable, healthy and lively place by presenting great arts programming for residents and the wider Perth area,” Mr Gear said.

The concerts are free, but not free of Covid restrictions.

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