Borer spreading

THE quarantine area declared after the discovery of an exotic borer in East Fremantle has been dramatically increased to cover all Fremantle, Melville and Cockburn.

The six-month quarantine, which also stretches into the northern suburbs, means residents can’t remove bark, potted plants, firewood, tree prunings, logs, plant cuttings, mulch, timber, wood or wood chips bigger than about 2.5cm outside the declared area.

Primary industries and regional development chief plant biosecurity officer Sonya Broughton said the department was working with councils to help them support residents.

Dr Broughton said green waste was no longer required to be disposed of through council collections only.

“No permit is required to dispose of green waste from a property located in the QA if the green waste site is also located in the QA,” she said.

Shot-hole borers attack a wide range of trees, and Dr Broughton said maples, willows, plane, coral and avocado trees were a prime target and should be inspected by homeowners.

“Look for multiple entrance holes on the trunk or branches that are approximately the size of a ballpoint pen tip, frass extruding from the tree and crystalline foam (sugar volcanoes) exuded from the entry holes,” she said.

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