Letters 11.12.21


I LOVE reading plain speaking English; pithy, erudite sentences anchored to irrefutable science, sentences that efficiently push us into a timeless philosophical context.

Thank you Hans Hug for your letter published in the Herald last week on Mr McGowan’s hypocrisy in relation to climate change – his decision to greenlight Woodside’s latest fossil fuels project (“Climate change is also science,” December 4, 2021).

Mr Hug’s letter raised rhetorical questions that only Mr McGowan can answer, as he’s the person in the position of power who can “make change happen” – with the non-flick of his pen. 

All I can add is: “How can you sleep at night Mr McGowan – knowing the pain and suffering you’re actively projecting onto our future generations?”

More broadly, we need to break the 20th century cycle of politicians feeding us unsophisticated messages that have measurable nihilistic outcomes. 

Their sentences of justification reflect their desire to stay elected, not us. As Mr Hug’s letter reminds us, in the present century, decisions that aren’t based on science ~ aren’t decisions. That’s just politics for simpletons. 

I reluctantly applaud Fern Huck’s protest method too; her activism pic was also published in last week’s Herald . 

Our state government’s grand-scale hypocrisy, greenlighting Woodside’s latest fossil fuels project, has pushed normally conservative people, like Fern and me, out into the open. 

We need to transition today; not tomorrow.

Mr McGowan’s action has effectively destroyed our collective global credibility as West Australian’s too – Freo people, humble citizens – trying to serve our planet, at a time of great need. If there were space, I’d repeat “transition” 100 times; to help those who just dropped-out by putting me and my opinion into one of their one-dimensional boxes.

In summary, I’m no longer willing to be WW3 cannon fodder for our elected politicians and their massaged messages. They are elected to represent us, not tell us.

As Mr Hug’s letter’s implies, I say: let’s all make 2022 the year the informed collective fought back.   

via email

Get off

I STOPPED reading the story about The Beatles after the first line where the author refers to a “wet dream” (“Epic jam,” Herald, December 4, 2021).

It might have been a giggle for your feature writer and his mates, but I suspect most readers don’t care about his personal needs.

The article was another sad example of the level of juvenile – in this case sexist – nonsense published by the Herald and pushed into people’s letterboxes.

Everyone everywhere is writing pieces about The Beatles anyway, the Herald hardly needed one.

David Weber
Pearse St, North Fremantle
The Ed says: The line was taken from a song featured in Get Back, so it possibly is a bit old fashioned these days.

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