Simply amazing

Maxine Baker, Colleen McCormack, Max Johnsonand Ruth Probert all got Scrabble club life memberships for their years of assiduity.

SHE might not be able to whip out a quincunx to dazzle her opponents like the old days, but one month shy of her 102nd birthday, Applecross resident Ruth Probert still sets out each Monday to stretch her mind over a game of Scrabble.

A member of the Melville Scrabble Club, Ms Probert was one of four members who were awarded life memberships at its December Christmas lunch.

Ms Probert says these days she sticks to “ordinary words” and hasn’t got a magic recipe for keeping a mind active beyond a century, putting down her longevity to having “just kept going”.

“But it is surprising the number of words you know and when you get the tiles in your hand you start seeing them,” she said.

Ms Probert was one of the first to join the scrabble club in 1990, after illness and age broke up a monthly mahjong session with four friends.

“I found that I really missed that Monday outing, and about that time there was a notice in the local paper that they were starting up the Scrabble club.

Give it a try

“I rang the president and said I didn’t really know much about Scrabble, but he said come along and give it a try, and I’ve been going ever since.”

Mr Probert said the companionship was still one of the best aspects of the club.

The Melville Scrabble Club meets at the Melville Bowling Club each Monday from 10am – 3pm. Call Rosie Anghie on 9450 6856 or Delys Carbon on 0416 502 268 for more information or just drop in on Monday.


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