No escaping cancellation

Kavisha Mazzella and Coro Oceana are still going to honour a parish concert for St Paul’s for letting them practise in preparation for the now-cancelled Perth Festival opening.

SADLY there’s no hopeof resurrecting the Perth Festival opening slated for Fremantle despite premier Mark McGowan deciding late Thursday to keep the state’s borders shut.

Freo was to host the festival opening on February 11 and 12, but just last weekend organisers decided the Omicron factor was too risky for an event predicted to bring “tens of thousands” to the port city and with “heavyhearts” they decided to cancel.

“We’re all heartbroken for those who have put so much of themselves into what was going to be an extraordinary production,” festival producer Anna Kosky wrote to participants after the decision was made.

After premier Mark McGowan announced the borders would remain closed late on Thursday, local music icon Kavisha Mazzella told the Herald she’d heard there was no calling off the cancellation.

But there is still a silver lining for St Paul’s church, which had been letting Ms Mazzella’s 100-strong Coro Oceana choirpractise in its amphitheatre before the festival opening. 

Ms Mazzella said the choir would still hold a promised fundraiser for the parish despite the cancellation and would try to lock in a community concert later.

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