Letters 12.3.22

Can we have details please!

NOW that the hospitals are receiving Covid patients as never before, it is surely possible to inform the public as to the status of these patients.

Are they part of the influx from over the border? 

In that case, wouldn’t they be fully vaccinated before being allowed in?

What about providing the details of the status of all the patients? 

Are they the unvaccinated, or not? We need to know how effective having three jabs is compared to having natural immunity and a healthy constitution so that the community can make wise decisions based on facts.

Thanks to any journo who will make those calls to the hospitals and tell us about how well they were received, at least. 

Surely those simple facts kept are not supposed to be kept secret; why on earth would that be so?

Carla van Raay
The Ed says: The latest WA Health figures are incontrovertible; half of all patients admitted in February were unvaccinated, yet they make up just 2 per cent of the general population. Vaccination keeps you out of hospital.

Glaring error

IT takes a lot to go against the rules, as demonstrated by Milgram, as well as Solomon Asch’s conformity experiments. 

It’s working, by the way, in forcing the uptake of jabs. 

One more mechanism of coercion, if losing your job, livelihood, friends, family, meaning in life, capacity to make a difference in the world weren’t enough. 

Your opinion piece seems to base itself on the idiotic idea reinforced over the last year by compromised media and government that anyone without a ‘vax pass’ is ‘infected’ or ‘risky to others’. This is simply not the case.

Even +PCR cases can’t always seem to spread anything to others. 

Remember the original security guard? He couldn’t even spread it to his housemates! And clearly we forget all the other similar examples. 

Recognising of course that the PCR test has been globally resigned to the waste basket by most of the world since it was an inappropriate test in the first place and its inappropriate use has been discredited many times over. Apparently the RAT test is also pretty useless. 

In reality there is no evidence of spread from healthy unjabbed people. There is emerging evidence of “shedding” from the jabbed, but that’s another story. 

Given the unjabbed are currently restricted, you only have to connect a couple of neurons to realise it’s the jabbed who are “bringing it” into WA. 

Why? Unjabbed can’t fly, travel, are quarantined, can’t visit café’s, cinemas and pubs. 

Khin, you admit you were angry. Awareness of what’s driving you is a great start.

Why were you angry? Explore this. That’s interesting. 

Angry because you complied and they didn’t? 

Angry that you “deserve” to go to the pub and they don’t ? 

Angry that it’s “unfair”?

If the friend were uglier, older, less attractive, not so closely linked, more combative – would you have then dobbed them in? 

Were you “allowing them” because they were “friendly & open; attractive & young”  – AKA “a nice person” that you “enjoyed chatting with” ? Would you dob anyone else in if this were not the case? 

Yes, fear has been forced upon us for over two years now – fear is becoming a way of life. 

Our frontal lobes of reason and intelligent choice go off line when we are in fear and we make decisions from fear instead of using our capacity for consequential thought. That’s neuroscience for you. 

It’s not too late to think for yourselves. Or even find some of the censored and suppressed science. Or you could even start by critically examining the data from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Even that’s revealing.  

Discriminating against and excluding healthy unjabbed is not based in any medical science, and will destroy cafés, restaurants and bars etc. 

The bottle shops got together and pushed back. That wasn’t “health advice” that changed that mandate, that was lobbying.

Ask the Liquor Stores Association of WA. They know. And they know how to deal with this. 

I challenge cafés, bars, restaurants etc to club together and do the same. I hope they are. 

So unless anyone is one of the smug vindictive people who want to punish the unjabbed (who are no risk to yourself) for no good reason other than that they are following the science, making their own choice, it’s time to lay down the enmity and weapons, drop the discrimination and division and come together for common sense, common good and the community.

Even Prof Nick Coatsworth and Dr Clay Golledge (qualified infectious diseases experts) argue the time for vax mandates is over.


Who wasn’t doing their homework?

ON the headline from your latest issue dated March 5, 2022 (“Mayor pushes studio lite”), I note that Mr McGowan’s stated reason for his 180 degree turn, that is reneging on his $100M election promise, is because: “It’s a very old site; it’s a not a greenfield site – it’s a brownfield site”.

He is right; indeed a cursory review of the history of the Swan River Colony will confirm that in 1829 Fremantle Harbour was the beginning of white man’s tenure here. 

In context, to state the obvious, Fremantle Harbour is clearly the oldest “brownfield site” in WA – it is and always has been, pre and post election, so no revelation there Mr McGowan and therefore a totally implausible excuse for you pulling a $100M creative funding rug out from under our Freo town.

In some ways I forgive Mr McGowan’s conflated and frankly puerile mansplaining of the science of pandemics over the last two years, as clearly he hasn’t read up on the history of pandemics, in particular our 184-year global journey that lead to the 100 per cent global eradication of smallpox. 

I do, however, draw the line on him re-describing the history of Fremantle in such a vacuous and factually incorrect manner.

So the question that remains is, what’s the real reason for garrotting a good idea Mr McGowan?

Don’t tell me no-one did any due diligence on the proposed site? 

It’s an outcome that so typical of a Labor government, expansive thoughts – and no fiscal ideas. I’d say it’s just another example of a bunch of local and federal pollies clambering to be a part of the latest “feel-good photo opportunity” – I’m embarrassed for you all.   

Damon Hurst

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