The spin bowler who spiced up Freo

The spin bowler who spiced up Freo.

VALE, the ever-charming Amar Mason.

When people die after having full lives, I don’t grieve for them, I want to celebrate and honour them. Amar was one of those.

For Amar, it was all about having fun, and he threw himself into projects of all descriptions, with 100 per cent distinctive Amar Mason gusto!

Amar was a special kind of soul, difficult to categorise, always in good spirits – literally.

A cockney who dressed like a spin bowler, he was ever-present where ever there was celebration and colour.

Intelligent, engaging and witty, he put his own spin on life.

He was the magic ingredient, like MSG, adding his own flavour and slant to any group endeavour.

He arrived in Freo in the heady days of the late ‘80s; post-America’s Cup when Freo still had shades of Orange.

Big changes were taking place in the city, and the party scene was wide open.

He jumped in and made a big, gorgeous splash, the first being the controversial Hookers Ball where 2500 revellers rocked up at the Freo Passenger Terminal, raising awareness and funds for AIDS research, which was wreaking havoc around the world at the time.

He moved on, to be the Pride party co-convenor in Northbridge, along with his good friend Barbara Simpson before they became the Freo Festival parade coordinators for five year between 1998-2003, injecting new colour and life into the Freo streets.

Together they built fantastic floats for parades as Floating Passions.

He stuck his toes into projects too numerous to list.

We will miss you my friend, but by the time this story is read, you have become the dust from whence all life emerged.

Life is eternal, and that is the truth!

I wonder where your atoms have recombined this time, carried by the wind, sprinkled like MSG across our beloved Freo.


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