Hilton mum’s cancer battle

Chanelle Moles and her family.

HILTON mother-of-two Chantelle Moles needs the community’s help to raise funds to treat her stage four cancer after two years of misdiagnosis. 

After exhausting every treatment available in Australia, her last option is a clinical trial at the Burzynski Clinic in Texas, but that could cost more than $500,000. 

“I know I can survive if I get this treatment,” Ms Moles says.

“It is by far the best, and in all likelihood, the only chance I have to see my young kids Marlon and Eabha grow up.”

After going to her doctor with constant fatigue, Ms Moles was misdiagnosed with post-natal depression for two years.

In October 2020 another doctor discovered she actually had stage four colon cancer, and she immediately started aggressive treatments and surgeries.

Ms Moles says the hardest part was trying to explain her illness to her five-year-old son Marlon: “Knowing that if something wasn’t right, him trying to fix and help me but not being able to, trying to navigate questions from young children who know something is wrong but don’t understand that they can’t help,” she says.

In February 2022 following another failed surgery, Ms Moles was told she has 6-12 months left to live, but was “determined not to accept that.”

“Never give up, no matter what the circumstances, never give up hope no matter what.” Through a friend’s Facebook post and her own research, Ms Moles discovered peptide treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston.

However, the clinic is known for its controversial treatments, with the medical community dismissing its research as unproven and US authorities issuing numerous warnings over issues such as continuing treatment when people had severe reactions to the medication.

“Exhausted all of those options, so now that’s why I need to look outside of that system, and anything outside of that system can have negative feedback unfortunately,” Ms Moles says.

A GoFundMe page raised more than $200,000, but she needs more.

“Thank you to every person who has shared my post or donated, it is amazing how many people have felt touched and want to give and help,” she says.

Donate at https://www.gofundme. com/f/save-our-mummybee-chanelle


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