Letters 7.5.22

Out of Orbit

ON Tuesday March 9, the Orbit Ladies Golf Club returned to Fremantle Public Golf Course for their first game since leaving on June 30, 2020.

We have played at Pt Walter since then and returned on the  opening of the new course .

The new course provided us with some safety worries because of the closeness of fairways and shortness of the course .

But the major problem for us is the temporary clubhouse; it was a hot day when we played and there was nowhere to sit in any shade before and after game.

And what will happen in winter when it is cold, wet and windy?

Plus two tables and a couple of chairs…!

Unbelievable and appalling. After all this time and discussions with Fremantle council this is the offering.

Still no news on the construction of the replacement, and when that will be heaven only knows.

Why is it so slow?

The ‘alfresco’ area looks like a scene from a prison and is very upsetting.

So, sadly we have returned to Pt Walter for our golf.

Helen Cariss

No better

THE intersection of South Terrace and Jenkin Street has been upgraded recently. 

Unfortunately, there has been little improvement. 

The uplift of the road surface does not slow down the traffic, and the pedestrian islands have been removed, making crossing busy South Terrace more difficult and dangerous. 

The “artistic” road markings are confusing and look like someone has dropped a bucket of paint on the road. 

There are no trees yet, and too few places to put them. 

The pavement has been improved, but the businesses on two corners have failed to take full advantage of this and build gazebos for their customers.

It is what it is. Can it be improved? Yes, in three ways.

1. The intersection can be made into a small roundabout which would slow down traffic, and give better access for Jenkin St users.

2. The road markings can be removed.

3. More places can be made for trees to be planted.

Gordon Payne
South Fremantle

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