Find your sea legs

Heading off to adventure are Scouts Grace Allen, Robert Neck, Jude Bowring and Jude Colman.

THE Fremantle Sea Scouts are holding a free Try Sailing Day next Saturday, May 28 to give youngsters from 7 – 14 years old a chance to find if they’ve got sea legs.

“Scouts are a great way to learn to sail because the young people work as a team,” Scout leader Derek Giles said.

“In the end they are learning cooperation skills that apply throughout life. And forget the old-fashioned idea that Scouting is a boys only thing.

“These days it’s boys and girls together.” 

Regular sailor Alba Chambers-Farre agrees: “Sailing is enormous fun particularly because you do it with such great friends.”

Try Sailing Day will be held at the Swan Yacht Club’s front lawn on Riverside Road, East Fremantle from 9am – midday. No booking is required, but bring suitable clothing and a sense of adventure. 

Contact 6240 7700 for more information.

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