Sassy sister

THERE’S a new face on Bannister Street and it’s the revamped, upstairs dining of Good Things – the little sister of Good Things in Mosman Park. 

Situated where The Attic once resided, Good Things appears to have all the brilliant bones of the old café but with an expanded and exciting menu, which comprises mainly vegetarian brunch staples and tasty savoury and sweet eats. 

Sitting upstairs in the cosy but modern dining area among the trees was a lovely haven on the autumnal day we wandered in from.

The Good Vibes Bowl ($22) was a delicious combination of fried halloumi, garlic and rosemary kale, fresh broccolini and spinach on the base of a carrot puree, topped with a grain salad.

Possibly the most hipster-sounding dish this side of the river, the Good Vibes is a surprising combination of texture: the grain salad and kale especially complementing each other with the carrot puree – a component of the dish I can’t say I’ve had in a while but certainly enjoyed. 

The dish was bright-looking and beautifully flavourful, and paired with a cloudy apple juice was more than adequate sufficiency.

The only bad vibe from the Good Vibes Bowl is the amount of carrot puree – once I had finished the rest of the dish it felt like I was eating boujee baby food. This is a minor criticism, however. 

The Dukkah Pumpkin ($18), is a fresh savoury delight of roast pumpkin served on a bed of punchy red pesto and roti, topped with dukkah and crispy kale – which almost steals the limelight from the sweet, golden pumpkin. 

This is usually served with a fried egg but fried halloumi was subbed in with zero fuss, and what a delightful saltiness and texture that added to an already spectacular dish. 

A chai latte paired with the lunch which was fragrant however a little bitter. 

Dessert for lunch (great, right?) was a Hotcake ($16), a large, fluffy pancake topped with a blueberry and yuzu compote, vanilla-infused mascarpone, and the glorious addition of a milk biscuit crumb. 

The soft hotcake paired brilliantly with the acidic blueberry and sweetness of the mascarpone, and the biscuit crumb was a stroke of delicious genius. 

All of the elements in this dish worked harmoniously together and were a lovely warm comfort to the chilly day outside. 

Good Things is onto something good – there are really only good things to say about the café. 

Excellent food at a reasonable price, great service, in the lofty overheads of a mezzanine. 

It’s a good contender for the instagrammable brunch list.


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