Sonic soup  

Supathick’s Christian Zappia and Keely Brittain.

PERTH band Supathick will perform their banging new single Love Back for the first time at Mojo’s Bar on Friday (June 3).

The band’s main songwriter/guitarist Christian Zappia says been heart-warmingly positive.

“It’s still a little baby song, but I’m sure it’ll grow over the next few months, and I can’t wait to see what happens,” he says.

Supathick’s six members all hail from different musical backgrounds, giving their songs a unique sonic blend. 


“A range of musicians have joined vocalist Keely Brittain and me, as part of the core of the band,” Zappia says. “So that’s Josh Wright on drums, Regan Dale on percussion and, as of late, Harry Johnston on bass and Trevor Stockton on keyboard.”

Zappia simply describes Supathick’s style of music as “thick”: “I think the genre 

of ‘thick’ can be quite all encapsulating. For me, it’s really about the bass and the drums and making sure that they really occupy a large section of that kind of music landscape.”

Love Back started out life as a random guitar riff in 2017.

“I was working at my first guitar teacher job since I moved to Perth [from Bunbury] and I had a student cancel, so I was just sitting in the little room by myself,” Zappia says.

“I came up with the guitar riff that you hear in Love Back and recorded it on an unplugged electric guitar with some apple headphones.”

In early 2021, he sent the recording to Blake Rose, a Perth producer and songwriter now living in LA.

“He sent me some snippets of ideas for the song,” Zappia says.

“I scrapped the old demo, went in, and made this kind of big stadium, pop, grandiose version.

“That song went through a lot of phases, but I think all of those things had to happen otherwise it probably just wouldn’t have been what it is today.”

Love Back sets the tone for Supathick’s four-song EP, to be released in September.

If you miss the 8pm concert at Mojo’s Bar on Friday, Supathick will be performing at the WA Day Festival at Burswood Park in Perth on June 6.

“We’re on at 4:15pm, such an awesome line-up, so much amazing WA and Perth talent. We’re feeling pretty blessed that we get to play,” Zappia says.

Sam Hayes produced the cover artwork for Love Back and the music video is expected to drop sometime over the next few weeks.

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