Port gets sandy ‘rainbow’ 

Sand ‘rainbowing’.

You call that a beach?

THOUSANDS of cubic metres of sand is due to be deposited on Port Beach this month to combat coastal erosion.

The sand will be dredged from Fremantle Port’s deep water channel and ‘rainbowed’ onto the beach. That involves shooting the sand and water in a high arc close to the shore.

The project is being shared by Fremantle council, Fremantle Ports and the Department of Transport through a $3.25m Covid-recovery grant from the McGowan government.

Mayor Hannah Fitzhardinge said the sand would provide a buffer to help protect the city’s assets on Port Beach, including the building that houses Coast restaurant.

Ports CEO Michael Parker said the sand nourishment program would also help keep the channel deep and protect the vital Port Beach Road access to Rous Head.

The works are expected to protect the beach for up to 10 years, though that could depend on weather conditions.

During the rainbowing, some access to Port and Sandtrax Beaches will be restricted, while there might be some smells from the sand for a short while.

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