Zooming up the list

A RAPID transit link between Fremantle and Cockburn Central has made it onto Infrastructure Australia’s priority list, joining a Freo-Melville link to give the three councils more ammo to argue for funding.

The listing means IA, an independent body, has identified the public transport corridors as being of national significance, while planners can now put some meat on the proposals and send in a second submission that looks at the various options.

Fremantle, Melville and Cockburn councils are members of the South West Group, which champions strategic initiative.

South West Group director Tom Griffiths said they’d be hitting up the McGowan government next.

“We will continue to advocate that the state government prepare a dedicated mid-tier transport network for Perth, connecting existing and emerging activity centres in the Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville region,” he said. 

“Infrastructure WA has reported a significant decline in public transport boardings as a result of COVID-19.

“This further illustrates the challenge of significantly growing public transport patronage and the need for a transformative approach to 

the quality and connectivity of Perth’s public transport network to curb the ongoing reliance on private cars.

“This will be especially important to achieving residential infill targets, improving access to places of employment, and supports the path to net-zero carbon emissions.”

Melville mayor George Gear said: “Murdoch has been identified as a specialised activity centre by the state government, and has already established itself as one of Perth’s pre-eminent health and knowledge precincts.”

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