Brewery concerns

ABOUT 70 residents attended a briefing last Saturday about a proposed redevelopment of the former Matilda Bay Brewery in North Fremantle, with the mood unlikely to give the developer much joy.

Chinese-owned 3 Oceans Property is planning 207 apartments, a cafe/restaurant, shop, office and reception area on the site, but it’s three towers that have the residents most up in arms.

One of the towers would be 16 storeys tall, which the North Fremantle Community Association says is double what’s allowed under the planning policy governing the site.

The other two towers planned are 10 and 11 storeys, and the association says the trio will block everyone else’s sightlines, ignoring guidelines they helped draw up with the developer back when the policy was being drawn up.

The residents are also concerned the sudden increase in density will lead to traffic mayhem, with no plans to upgrade Stirling Highway and owners of the nearby One Steel site apparently working on their own structure plan in preparation for its redevelopment as well.

Submissions closed on Wednesday, with those attending the meeting urged to get cracking despite a swag of planning documents to wade through.

The development application is likely to come before the council’s planning committee on September 7, but will ultimately be decided by the state-controlled Development Assessment Panel two days later.

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