No big bang for survey

No one at Cockburn apparently saw the irony of asking what people think, then throwing up a blocker.

A HAMILTON HILL resident who has campaigned to have fireworks banned from Manning Park over concerns about its impact on wildlife has criticised Cockburn council’s subsequent survey.

Penelope Bradshaw put together a 620-signature petition late last year that put the fireworks on the agenda, but she says the council has virtually hidden the survey on its  Facebook page and asked questions which could lead to “skewed data”.

“The survey has a pretty picture of fireworks and asks the question if people want them in the City of Cockburn, missing many subtleties,” Ms Bradshaw said.

“The survey doesn’t indicate that fireworks are actually exploded in a wildlife habitat and many people do not know this, therefore to ask if fireworks should be had in the “City of Cockburn” obscures much of the actual issue and its problems and many might simply answer more powerfully that they love fireworks.”

Ms Bradshaw said the survey questions were pretty simplistic and gave no opportunity to provide unscripted comments.

She says the council has made no effort to advertise the survey – it doesn’t appear on its main website, and giving residents just two weeks to make submissions makes her suspicious the council staff don’t really want to change the status quo.

To make a comment search for fireworks on the City of Cockburn Facebook page or head straight to:

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