Our ‘writer f or writers’


HI, I’m Ariana Rosenberg. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to sit and talk with the variety of writers this incredible city produces. WA punches well above its weight in terms of awards and acclaim, and as a writer myself, I hope to offer a unique perspective as I delve into who’s writing what – and why.

On Fridays I volunteer at Civic Square Library, mostly shelving books. I’ll soon be studying online at North Metro TAFE for a Library and Information Services certificate. 

I love books, reading and writing. I also enjoy the occasional painting session and taking photos – mostly of my cat, Sophie.

As a writer, I have a few picture books and a collection of short stories published. I also have a few eBooks on Amazon Kindle. My Season’s Change is the first in a series on the importance of caring for the environment and the lessons that come from gardening.

The process of writing is like putting together a puzzle. Each piece is unique but somehow it all comes together in the end.

As a ‘writer for writers’ I hope to be a point of contact, offer a unique perspective and highlight the achievements of these authors, their unique stories, and their writing styles. 

A writer creates with words; their mind is where the words flow from, just like the painter’s brush. I hope to capture some understanding of an author’s process and their books.

To read about my books or find some of my stories, I can be found at http://www.roseonthehorizon.com

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