Perth site kills Freo hopes

Barry Winmar presents the welcome to country as the new site for WA’s Aboriginal cultural centre is announced.

AFTER decades of talk and plans that come and go, an Aboriginal cultural centre location has been chosen for Perth.

 It kills off Fremantle’s plans for one at Arthur Head.

Currently a Terrace Road carpark operated by Perth council but owned by the WA government, it was chosen after consultation with Whadjuk representatives selected by elders.

The site was deemed the best of six options given its proximity to significant sites including Derbal Yerrigan (the Swan River), Matagarup (Heirisson Island) and Katta Koomba (King’s Park).

Whadjuk Cultural Authority representative Barry Winmar said at the August 16 announcement the spot was “an iconic location right on the foreshore.

“My ancestors walked these trails in years gone by and it’s a tribute to them to showcase the location and being a host for all those Aboriginal cultures across Western Australia, to give them an opportunity to showcase the richness and the diversity and the challenges they’ve gone through to be able to show the culture in the best light.”

Mr Winmar said “we want to be able to have an on-country experience right here on the waterfront.”


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