Hanging path dropped

THE Bridge Alliance, which is Main Roads contractor for the bridge replacement, says plans to separate pedestrians from traffic with a path hanging underneath the bridge didn’t pan out.

But community and stakeholder relations manager Thuy Acacio says what walkers will get will be wide and have new features.

“There’ll be rest stops and benches along the way and lookout points as well; we’ll have some safety buffers there, but it’s going to provide new viewing opportunities that don’t exist right now,” Ms Acacio said at the launch. 

“I believe it’s around five and a half meters wide … there’ll be lighting along it.”

Ms Acacio said rerouting Canning Highway would divert traffic towards Victoria Quay, with the aim to cater for traffic when the precinct is redeveloped as the port operations are moved south to Kwinana.

“We are removing the traffic lights and the intersection up here at Queen Victoria Street and Canning Highway and prioritising the traffic movement north south into Fremantle. 


“The project team was given a challenge to look at more innovative ways to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow and to accommodate any future plans for the quay.”

Ms Acacio said while there would be new traffic lights at the intersection of the rerouted Canning Highway and Peter Hughes Drive, they would only be triggered when someone was leaving the port.

“So yeah, for the most part, it will be quite free flowing.

“That was that was the challenge, and that was something that the City of Fremantle were really keen for us to consider when we went back to look at this southern landing; ‘what can we do to give back to the community in this space’.”

Ms Acacio said they still hadn’t found a new home for the Rainbow container sculpture, but were still in talks with artist Marcus Canning.

“He’s got some great ideas for Containerbow,” she said.

“We haven’t landed on it yet because we’re still working it through, but stay tuned. He’s totally on board and very excited about what will happen with Containerbow.”

Ms Acacio acknowledged trucks coming down Canning Highway would face a challenge if they wanted to head across the river, as the only option would be the tight circle turn from near Gate 2 at the port to Queen Victoria Street.

“That won’t be the priority movement,” Ms Acacio said.

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