A chat and a brew

Many Freo locals might know Ada Guglielmino from Parlapa Caffè and Trattoria when she’s not sharing Italian culture on Radio Fremantle.

In this occasional series, featuring local community radio station Radio Fremantle, we feature Ada Guglielmino, who broadcasts her ‘Hashtag Italia’ show every Thursday from 5-6pm. You can listen live at 107.9 FM or via www. radiofremantle.com.au live or later, through the archived shows https://radiofremantle.com.au/shows/hashtag-italia

ADA was born in Turin, Italy and arrived in Western Australia in September 2013 with her family. 

Soon after they opened the small Parlapa Caffè and Trattoria, opposite the Fremantle Town Hall. 

“Probably many readers know me as I brew their coffee in the morning with a little chat, as I really love to chat with everyone. 

“In nine years I have been witness to the many changes in the CBD of Fremantle and I really love to be in the heart of the town every day and be part of a pretty unique community. 

“The Fremantle Library is my favourite place to go, as well as the Fremantle Art Centre and the Round House. 

“I love thinking about the history that you can still breathe in from the old buildings.

“Back in Italy, I was a freelance journalist, and I am still writing film reviews for a movie magazine there. 

“I was also host of a radio movie show in one of the oldest, free and independent radio stations in Italy. 

“After some years I moved to community web radio, which was also a cultural and training platform for young people, or people having difficulties in their life. 

“This experience drew me to listening to Radio Fremantle, whilst still in Italy, on the internet.

“In 2016 I saw an advert in the Fremantle Herald about the Radio Fremantle community radio presenter course. 

“I was far away from thinking about having a show, but I was curious to understand the differences between being on air in Italy and here. 

“And I was really encouraged by my teachers on the course, Graham and Michael. 

“After six years I am still having a lot of fun. 

“Being part of Radio Fremantle is like being part of a big family and I love the freedom to express myself doing something I really love.

“Everyone at the station is a volunteer and I think it’s amazing that we are on air 24/7 with a range of diverse and inclusive programs and some musical gems.

“I would like to say thank you to Lewis and Rachel of Unscripted the Film Show who pushed me to take the slot six years ago and also the late Dr Ted Walker – founder of Radio Fremantle 107.9FM – who welcomed me with a big smile when I sat for the first time in front of the microphone!

“In my show I chat in Italian (with music from all over the world) sharing news for the Italian community and talking about local art and culture events, movies and entertainment, with guests and interviews from Australia and Italy. 

“I especially love having guests in the studio but I also enjoy the company of my listeners. I imagine them driving home or relaxing after a working day or walking or jogging in the park and I do my best to entertain them.

“When I’m not at work, I read books – especially about geopolitics – and I’m super lucky because I can attend a lot of movie previews as I review films for my show.

“I have also discovered the amazing environment in Western Australia and took up hiking, with a big goal: to walk one day the Bibbulmun Track from Perth to Albany!”

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