Universal art

• Alexis Steyn with some of her fantastical paintings.

The mysteries of the universe and Mother Nature intertwine in a stunning debut solo exhibition by young Bicton artist Alexis Steyn.

Pitching the female form against vast cosmological backdrops with strong colours and nods to the environment, Steyn’s paintings have a dreamlike, fantasy quality that wouldn’t be out of place on a ‘space rock’ album cover.

The 26-year-old artist is preparing to showcase nearly 30 of her fantastical paintings and illustrations in her exhibition Evergreen at the Canning Bridge Community Space.

“The overarching theme for this exhibition is celebrating life, the universe and our relationship with the natural environment and how it makes us feel,” Steyn says.

“I am naturally drawn to painting females and different archetypes in a dreamy atmosphere. 

“They are representative of the notion that anything is possible and can also represent the viewer and the journey they are on or the adventure they may be experiencing through the artwork.

“I am deeply inspired to create scenes that are out of the ordinary or have a dreamlike quality to transport the viewer to another place and tap into their inner world and imagination.”

Influenced by surrealism, fantasy and mythology, Steyn recently completed a Zodiac collection using pencil and watercolours, and likes artists with distinctive painting styles like Lindsay Rapp, Annie Stegg and Dimitra Milan.

“Most of my paintings are created with oils and mixed media,” Steyn says.

“This process includes starting each painting with acrylics, inks, markers, gold leaf and other mediums and then rendering and completing the artworks with oil paint.

“The acrylics act as a base layer for each artwork and the oils are used over the acrylics to bring the artworks to life and give them the rich, juicy colours that pop off the canvas.”

A former art student at Applecross Senior High School, Steyn studied Creative Advertising and Graphic Design at Curtin University and graduated in 2016.


After working as a full time graphic designer, she took the bold decision to start her own art business ‘Art by Alexis Steyn’ with the aim of “bringing more authenticity, light and beauty into the world.”

“It is my mission to bring the spark of imagination and wonder back into people’s lives and remember that carefree feeling that we all had as children,” she says.

“My objective is to create art that is uplifting, to stir emotion and thought, to invite playfulness and open a door to endless possibilities that we could only have dreamed of.

“More light and virtue is needed in the world and it is my responsibility as a creative to uplift people and make them feel happy and positive through art.” 

Evergreen is at the Canning Bridge Community Space, 63 Kishorn Road, Mount Pleasant from October 7-9, with artworks on display available to purchase. For more info see artbyalexissteyn.com 


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