Off to Oxford

Former CBC captain Riley Faulds has been offered a Rhodes Scholarship.

FORMER CBC Fremantle college captain Riley Faulds has been named the 2023 Rhodes Scholar for WA. 

The Palmyra resident is an agricultural science and English student at the University of WA who lists his passions as hockey, poetry and kite surfing.

Mr Faulds (23) said being chosen was both “surreal” and “exciting”, but also a little bittersweet.

“When I was applying my papa – my grandpa – was really excited about,” he said.

“He was kind of my greatest fan and he died about a month ago, so it’s such a strange time.

“I’m planning to study a master of studies in world literatures in English to begin with at Oxford, because my passion is writing poetry and bringing together my background of science as well into my writing to inform it.

“And then into a doctor of philosophy, hopefully, working on the radical potential of poetry – specifically eco-poetry – to change people’s mind around the environment and influence action.”

WA governor Chris Dawson announced the Rhodes Scholar last week.

“Rhodes Scholarships are for young leaders of outstanding intellect and character who go beyond what is required, to make a real difference to the people around them and the world they live in,” Gov Dawson said. 

CBC communications director Cherie Butcher said Mr Faulds was an exceptional student at the Fremantle college.

“With a passion for the humanities, in Year 11 Riley was selected to join the Premier’s commemorative Anzac tour to Gallipoli after writing a winning essay about Monument Hill, and in Year 12 was nominated Lions Youth of the Year,” Ms Butcher said.

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