Bones halt excavation

The old bones were found behind a café.

POLICE were called to an excavation site in Phillimore Street, Fremantle after bones were discovered on Tuesday morning. 

The bones were spotted by the owners of Quasimodo Café during excavation works at the rear of the property.

A couple of police had cordoned off the area and kept a watch when the Chook dropped by, and while they were unable to comment the bones appeared to be pretty old.

University of Notre Dame senior archaeology lecturer Shane Burke, whose office overlooks the excavation site, said the nature of Fremantle’s soil meant bones were often well preserved. 

“There is a high pH level in the soil here; we find animal bones everywhere,” Dr Burke said.

It was difficult to judge the age of the bones without closely analysing them, he said.

The discovery will be sent for forensic analysis by WA Police to identify the nature and age of the remains.

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