Kindred spirits 

IT only seems natural that the Chook should review Angry Chicken in Willagee.

I mean, we both have poultry-inspired names and chickens in our logos.

I wonder if their owner likes to bathe in asses’ milk and wear silk pyjamas too (Oops, I just got fired).

Situated on the corner of Stock Road and Leach Highway, Angry Chicken has one of those gaudy, obnoxious fast-food signs that you could see from the dark side of the moon.

It works a treat and every time I drive by my stomach starts to rumble in guilty anticipation.

Marinated chicken or quality kebabs done on a proper charcoal grill with salad and rice is my idea of a top meal – tasty, reasonably healthy and easy on the wallet.

Angry’s menu had a range of “seasoned” and Portuguese-style charcoal chicken (quarter, half or full), lamb ribs, seekh and doner kebabs, burgers, schnitzels and salads. There were of course chips, but Angry had an interesting range of sides including biryani rice, peas, corn cob and cream or roast potatoes.

It was more like a grill house than fast-food and reminded me of the great meals I enjoyed in budget tavernas in the Mediterranean while on holiday in my youth.

My quarter Portuguese chicken ($7.50) was an absolute winner – super soft meat with a gorgeous lemon tang and that classic smoky chargrilled skin.

I paired it with some biryani rice ($5.95) and peas ($4.50); a lovely combo with the moist fragrant rice and peas complementing the chicken.

I was pleasantly surprised by the charcoal lamb ribs ($16), as lamb can be a bit of a lottery in lower-cost places but these were really good with plenty of tender, moist meat on the bone and a nice minty punch from the marinade and rub.

They didn’t quite hit the same heights as the chicken, but still very good. Across the table, my young kids Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles were enjoying their half charcoal chicken ($11), greek salad ($5.95) and large chips ($8)

They’re still building up their spice tolerance, but these were very mild, and they enjoyed the delicious chook and fragrant blend of spices.

The only letdown were the chips – they were a little brown and shrivelled in places (maybe old cooking oil?) and they didn’t do much for me, but the kids enjoyed them. Angry Chicken do loads of meal deals and kids packs, so there’s plenty of variety and cost savings to be had. 

I can see it becoming my local go-to for chargrilled chook.

I might even get some silk pyjamas off eBay – no asses’ milk though.


Angry Chicken
2 Webber Street, Willagee
9331 6155

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