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Sienna Cary

A gorgeous new salon in East Fremantle is raising eyebrows, but for all the right reasons!

Sienna Cary is one of the leading practitioners of feather touch brows in WA and won runner up at the Australia Beauty and Cosmetic Tattoo Industry awards 2022 for Best Eyebrow Transformation.

A senior beauty therapist with 23 years experience, she has also just been announced as a finalist in the 2023 Brow Awards, an internationally recognised competition.

At her new Brows Body Wellness salon in East Fremantle, Sienna skilfully performs semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing (natural microblading) to give her clients a fuller, more shapely set of brows.

Unlike other treatments, the feather touch brows have an extremely natural look – not a solid block of colour – with the fine strokes blending seamlessly into the natural hairs. The treatment is also semi-permanent, lasting for up to three years.

“Natural microblading is the finest, most realistic form of cosmetic tattooing available,” Sienna says.

Sienna’s cosmetic artistry has proved popular with clients who want to give their eyebrows a nicer shape, have naturally thin brows, have over plucked them, or have medical conditions like alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy.

At Sienna’s gorgeous salon there is also a therapist who specialises in treatments using the world renowned Slimlux body contouring and skin tightening machine.

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is a breakthrough non surgical technology that works to reduce stubborn areas of fat and cellulite, while radio frequency treatment tightens, tones and firms loose, sagging or ageing skin. 

All these treatments are available at Sienna’s gorgeous new Bali-inspired salon, Brows Body Wellness, on Silas Street.

“We wanted to create a tropical island vibe, where people felt they were getting away from it all – a warm and inviting place to relax.” 

Unit 2/8 Silas Street, East Fremantle
Sienna 0418 905 753
Instagram @siennacary Facebook @siennacarybrows

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