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• Frankie Rowsthorn

DESPITE Covid and the stuttering Aussie economy, Perth Comedy Lounge has enjoyed the last laugh by opening a new venue in Fremantle.

Situated upstairs in the Sailing For Oranges restaurant on the Cappuccino Strip, Comedy Lounge Fremantle opened its doors in late February with Saturday night shows.

Over the years the Perth venue has played host to some of the biggest names in comedy including Chris Rock, Jim Jefferies, Gary Meikle, Luke Kidgell, Georgie Carroll, Arj Barker and Rove McManus, as well as plenty who can’t be named because of non-disclosure agreements.

Famous comics often do intimate, edgier shows at the Lounge after playing bigger venues in the city.

The Fremantle Lounge celebrated its grand opening with a top bill that included local Beaconsfield stand-up Frankie Rowsthorn, who is daughter of comedian/actor Pete Rowsthorn, best known for playing Brett Craig in Kath & Kim.

Comedy Lounge hospitality director Timothy Buckton says they have partnered with Sailing with Oranges so folk can enjoy top-notch Iberian cuisine during the Fremantle shows.

“While guests who love comedy will be attracted to the central location, we feel many are looking for something a little different when going out to a comedy club,” Buckton says

“We are aiming to create a first class casual dining experience which draws on Mediterranean cuisine – food which will equally as impressive as the event itself.” 

Open since November last year, Sailing for Oranges is owned by The Warders Hotel Group, which operate several venues in Freo including the popular Emily Taylor Bar and Kitchen.

Chook intern Daniela Garbin went to check out the Fremantle Comedy Lounge with her dad (he promised not to tell any lame dad jokes):

“Walking into the upstairs loft, the space has been transformed into the perfect comedy crib. 

Plush couches rub shoulders with dining tables and colourful spotlights, all facing a well-centred stage, enhanced by a small bar and smoking area on the balcony. 

The layout creates a spacious, relaxed ambience, arguably better than its parent venue in Perth. 

The 90-minute show, with an intermission, featured four acts with a mix of rising and acclaimed names from Australia and overseas.

In true Perth Comedy Lounge style, there was also a pinch of theatrics – the show featured a circus-style comic whose juggling act was a total novelty, if not quite polished.

The venue’s food and drink were also a highlight – Sailing For Oranges has a bar and bites menu available before, during and after the show.

My dad and I enjoyed a spritzer and beers, with the bar having a neat array of wines, sprits and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Others around us enjoyed decently sized and exquisite-looking meals.

I saw several meat and pasta dishes floating around that looked delectably seasoned.

I think Sailing For Oranges’ Iberian-inspired cuisine provides a unique twist to the food experience. 

There are lots of options – you can grab a meal before the show at the restaurant downstairs, or during the show, and continue the night with drinks. 

The venue is a perfect fit for Freo with a casual but premium air. I am excited to watch the space grow after a lively and promising start.”

Comedy Lounge Fremantle
33 South Terrace, Fremantle (upstairs)


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