Waves down south

A VOLUNTEER-RUN radio station in South Fremantle is about to launch from a new base in the heart of the bustling main strip.

Freocast founder Nick Juniper has worked with Radio Fremantle and RTR FM, but always felt something was missing and decided a new station was needed to focus on a younger and more diverse demographic.

An independent station grants the community its own voice and provides opportunities to the youth, Mr Juniper said.

“It feels like Freo is ready for something new,” he said, adding locals have really embraced the idea.

Local DJs and artists have already put themselves forward to volunteer at the station, while a big shindig helped raise funds to buy a shipping container and local tradies and businesses have offered to help tizz it up. 

Mr Juniper discovered it was “pretty easy” to set up an online streaming site, inspired by New York non-profit radio station The Lot Radio that operates daily out of a shipping container and has an outdoor community space. 

Mr Juniper organised a soft launch on Sunday May 7 to coincide with the High Voltage music festival and hopes to be broadcasting live this month. 

Freocast’s headquarters on popular South Terrace will also have a bit of landscaped space around it, with the shipping container getting an ‘upcycle’.

Mr Juniper said the shipping container highlighted the synchronicity between the community and city’s port.

It’s also a practical investment because it can be picked up and relocated easily. 

The station’s funding comes from membership subscriptions varying in price and product and other donations. 

Local businesses have also contributed to funding to the project. 

“We have a grant application sitting with the Fremantle Ports to finish off the Freocast Forecourt Community Parklet – a place for the community to engage and connect with the station and somewhere we can do live broadcast events,” he said.


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