Diving into love, boots and all

LOCALLY produced web series Love Me Lex follows single, 40-something protagonist Lex Adamson as she tries to reboot her love life. 

IF the dating pool hadn’t already been small before love gave way to career, when Lex dives back in she discovers the middle-aged, lesbian community is now just a puddle.

Despite the odds she finds the perfect woman, only for an old flame to appear back on the scene with a glint in her eye.

This upbeat, laugh out loud drama explores the unique trials and tribulations of dating in your 40s.

• The cast of Love Me Lex: Shae Clayfield (Mia, Lex’s daughter), Sanja Katich (writer/director), Katherine Marmion (Asher, Lex’s sister), Sarah Light (Lex)

New stories

While good old fun, Love me Lex also features new stories that often go unrepresented on screens, with the lead characters being female, middle aged and lesbian.

It was written and directed by Fremantle’s Sanja Katich who has many short film projects under her belt. Katich says Love me Lex is her biggest to date.

“I draw on some personal experiences, the experiences of my friends and a lot of it is stuff I’ve seen around in the larger community.”

Several scenes were also shot on location around Perth. Keen viewers can spot backdrops of the Young George restaurant in East Fremantle and a suburban Beaconsfield house.

Katich said the drama was targeted at the queer community and women of all ages.

“I also think if there’s a good story to be told, a lot of people will watch it regardless of where they fit in,” Katich added.

Come to life

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching the script come to life, and I was lucky to be surrounded by good people.

“Special shoutout to our fantastic producer Stephanie Davis, who sourced money from Screen Australia.”

Love Me Lex is playful, sharp-paced story telling at its best, filled with endearing characters in a modern Australian setting.

More than anything, it’s a reminder to laugh at how messy life can be.

See all episodes of Love Me Lex played back-to-back at the Revelation Film Festival, on Sunday July 16 at The Backlot Perth.

Head to http://www.revelationfilmfest.org/program for more information.


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