Tonic for a Docker shocker

AFTER an average spectacle of Sunday afternoon footy, my family and I headed over to Northbridge, bummed by the Docker’s sore loss.

We needed to turn to one of life’s many pleasures – burgers. RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers on William Street neighbours famed foodie spots No Mafia, La Cholita and U&I Café.

It’s compact and inviting, with a modern feel set off by a black tiled bar counter.

Vibrant mural-style street art on the walls and hanging bulbed lights outside give a slightly Varsity feel minus the sports bar-ness.

On the menu there is a choice of 11 burgers, and even though we can spend hours debating who broke the toilet at home and why plumber dad hasn’t fixed it yet, we all manage to pick one in no time. 

Even for me, the pesky vegetarian, it’s as easy as choosing any burger and swapping it with a chickpea patty. Although an additional ‘beyond burger’ patty wouldn’t hurt.

A single burger goes from $12. Double patties or “next level burgs” go for $19-22 which I think its reasonable pricing for their star dish.

I also loved the extras pricing for once. At RoyAl’s you can add Jalapenos, slaw or onion rings to your burger for around 20c – $1 per extra, not $2- $3 (Yes, I am looking at you Grill’d).

For chicken meals, their other speciality, you have the option of choosing buttermilk fried, jerk marinated or a selection of flavoured wings with a dipping sauce of choice.

Also of interest is their loaded fries, which have three thoughtful configurations, including a ‘meat box’ and even a Mexican style.


Scouting the room for the wildest looking dishes, I see an assortment of couples, friends and families happily chewing single patty burgers.

Dad and aunty get an icy lager and ginger beer on tap, while

I opt for the unlimited iced tea, filling me with memories of Hungry Jacks’ free refill glory days. It tastes delightful and for $5 I think it’s a great deal.

It’s a short wait before the burgers and wings hit the table. And they hit the table hot.

The burgers are packed with juicy looking patties and lots of crisp salad.

Because of this they have some height, but are under landslide-size and just manageable between the lips.

Everyone munches quietly until some murmurs escape between bites; Aunty Moni’s and Dad’s Stanley burger ($14) is a pickles sensation that they agree is perfectly balanced, simple, and delish.

My brothers both devour their Durty South burgers ($19), one saying, “It’s got a little bit of a (spice) hit.”

Mum’s Chicken Royale burger ($16) is great time.

“I’ve got a thigh fillet here and it’s cooked to perfection. It’s juicy, super crunchy and not greasy,” she says.

My Bernie Mac ($16.50) with the veggie swap is wonderful. The chickpea patty is hot, fried, herbed goodness. The bun is also incredibly soft, and when combined the salad mix, double cheese and creole remoulade, is a succulent combination.

We demolish the golden, hot crispy chips before moving on to the chicken wings (both 6 for $15). They’re delicious, and the sauces are tasty. The Buffalo hot wings have a good spice kick and are a clear winner. But the Cajun wings have an amazing crunch.

Walking out, I realised the heartiness of the meal had mended our tarnished purple spirits. And if that does not demonstrate RoyAl’s ‘soul food’ abilities… I don’t know what does.


RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers
258 William St, Northbridge

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