Vujcic vies for another term

COASTAL ward looks like the hottest contest under Fremantle’s new boundaries, with four putting up their hand.

Current councillor Marija Vujcic had earlier flagged that she would retire at the end of her term, but says there’s too many people urging her to stay on.

Cr Vujcic says if elected she’ll be working towards a zero increase in rates for 2024/25, full restoration of the city’s CAT buses, more transparency over the sale of ratepayer assets, better services and upgraded parks to attract tourism.

• Cr Marija Vujcic

Andy Kent is an artist who says it’s important to create a city that’s liveable for the next generation. “I was raised with the belief you don’t live beyond your means and believe our City has lost its way in that regard. I expect our council to do better than increasing rates by over 15 per cent while cutting vital services like our CAT bus and not investing enough into our parks, streets and heritage buildings.

Jemima Williamson-Wong says Freo leadership on issues such as sustainability and reconciliation has inspired her. “My focus is on enhancing the core values of Freo, to preserve our close-knit community as population grows and climate impacts worsen. I am dedicated to continuing our climate-conscious leadership, support the arts, and aligning spending with the community’s values.”

Rod Grljusich rejects “woke ideology”. From just over 200 votes in our fledgling independent run for the seat of Fremantle in the 2021 state election, to just under 10 per cent of the same vote in that for mayor less than six months later, we continue to embrace freedom, we continue to maintain law and order, we continue to protect the rights of parents.”

Central Ward:

Cr Geoff Graham is after another term and wants to see lower speed limits to improve safety and accessibility on streets. “Being an active member of the community, I endeavour to improve recreation facilities, including lighting and safety at Bruce Lee Oval to ensure a safe environment for sporting clubs.”

Steven Pynt ran as part of Cr Marija Vujcic’s team during the last mayoral election. He has a bachelor of business, a master of taxation and an MBA. Mr Pynt wants to ensure better planning decision and financial management for Central Ward ratepayers.

North Ward:

With Cr Bryn Jones retiring, professional planner Ingrid van Dorssen has nominated to fill the vacancy. She says her background will help provide a strong voice for the challenges facing the ward. “High among them are the Future of Fremantle and Swan River Crossings projects, both of which are encompassed by this ward and will impact greatly on its future for decades to come.”

Mark Woodcock has been attending the Future Freo community engagement meeting and says there’s a need for broad, long-term thinking on the site, “with common sense, not just ideology. Fremantle has to be clean, safe, inviting, with a focus on its threatened valuable heritage. The City of Fremantle needs better financial management, true transparency and community engagement.”

East Ward:

Deputy mayor Frank Mofflin is seeking another term, and wants to look into a trial reduction of speeds in suburban streets to 40kmh. “My knowledge and experience are critical to being effective and if re-elected, I will focus on: safer, more accessible streets for all; refreshed public spaces and parks; sustainable sporting and community clubs; improving urban tree canopy; and a vibrant Freo economy.”

Felicity Newman has been the convenor of the local precinct group, but has a long list of community achievements over 20 years of living in the area. “With your support it will be my priority to work with other councillors to protect mature trees in our neighbourhoods, and ensure raises in our rates above CPI provide additional services.”

• Felicity Newman

Patrick Glynn has been at virtual war with the council over a local barbecue that’s been on the blink for near on two years. He’s also peppered councillors with emails over falling leaves which have plagued neighbours for years which they want the council to take responsibility for. “Current council threatened to fine ratepayers if they trimmed council tree branches that overhung their property.” He also said the City’s sponsorship of Perth Glory should have gone to local community clubs.

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