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NOTRE DAME University has earned some bragging rights for its politics degree, with one of its students smashing the East Fremantle council elections to outclass even seasoned rivals.

Lucinda Maywood is just 23 and still studying politics and international relations at the university, but was 170 votes ahead of the next candidate; and that’s in a tiny municipality where only 1731 electors voted.

It meant that under East Fremantle’s new system without wards, where candidates were chosen by a complicated system of preferences, surpluses and exclusions, she avoided any of the jitters others down the order faced as votes were tallied and distributed during the day.

• Tender years were no barrier to Lucinda Maywood’s election campaign in East Fremantle.

Ms Maywood says she’s born and bred East Freo and says its was an “amazing place to grow up”.

She said while the council had been doing a good job, she felt the town needed some younger representation, while it had been too bloke-heavy.

“For fair and effective representation, the council needs to accurately reflect the demographics of East Freo,” she said.

The Herald heard that Cr Maywood also impressed opponents of the large Hall & Prior development at the old Woodside Hospital, who turned out to be a key ally in the campaign.

Cr Maywood was the only new face on the council and she bumped off sitting councillor Dean Nardi who’d previously represented Richmond Ward.

Kerry Donovan was the first sitting councillor to be returned, followed by Jenny Harrington, Tony Natale and Cliff Collinson who snapped up the last spot.

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