Deputy … doh!

FREMANTLE’S new deputy mayor is Jenny Archibald.

No, the Chook’s not accidentally rehashing old stories – Fremantle council had to have another vote after making a mistake in its election of the deputy mayor.

At a special meeting of council last week, CEO Glen Dougall apologised to councillors for making them have to vote again.

“We failed to eliminate tied votes correctly last week, and out of the four possible resolutions all of them would have elected councillor Archibald, but one of them might have seen a tie between councillor [Andrew] Sullivan and councillor Archibald,” Mr Dougall said.

“So, as a result we declared it invalid and we’re doing it again here tonight.”

Only two of the candidates from last week’s vote nominated this time around, with councillors Adin Lang and Geoff Graham deciding they didn’t have the numbers.

After the secret ballot, which like the electors’ vote at last month’s election was optional preferential, Cr Archibald was the successful candidate against Cr Sullivan 7-2, with one informal vote.

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