It’s time we got our chill on, Freo

WHAT on earth are we doing? 

Where did all the stress and hectic come from? 

Why do we no longer take the time to listen to the birds and watch the grass grow? 

When did we suddenly become so time challenged, that we no longer have time to smell the flowers?

Hardly anyone lives in the moment anymore. 

Most people are so focused on the future, career and making money, that they have no time to just sit still and listen to their inner self.

We are in a mad rat race, where we have to check text messages on our mobiles constantly, even if it is unimportant Facebook stuff. 

People talk on their mobile phones, ignoring the company they are in, probably engaging with people who are also in the company of others. 

It is not only rude, it is ridiculous.


We are impatient, intolerant, and full of rage, because all those other people are just in the way of us reaching our future faster. 

Tomorrow appears to be more important, than today, more important than just now, this short special moment, that will never return.

We forget that we won’t have the opportunity to go back and relive yesterday. 

Today is as special as days come, so enjoy it!

Even tourists don’t have time for anything.

They no longer stop to take photos, but take them while rushing past significant sites.

I assume they have five more places to visit in Fremantle, and are trying to see all of Australia in two weeks.

We eat and drink on the run, while walking, riding, or driving. 

We are running around like headless chooks. 

We don’t allow ourselves the time to sit down and relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee while reading a newspaper or connecting with friends. 

We grab takeaway instead. 

We forget the need to nurture our soul to be happy for ourselves and others. 

Nah, we have no time for that nonsense.

People deny themselves the relaxing pleasure of cooking and get expensive, soggy food home deliveries instead. 

There is just not enough time in a day to relax.

But it is so important to sit at the ocean and watch and listen to the waves, doing absolutely nothing, and allowing the brain to relax and soak up the peace, we all so badly need. 

It is a delight to listen to the wind in the trees and the birds that constantly connect with each other. 

It is so good and relaxing to do nothing and not think about anything, feeling the sun on your face, and concentrate on what a pleasure it is to be alive.

For a photographer like me, who walks the streets of Fremantle every day, those walks are walking meditations, being in the moment, and discovering all those little beauties Freo has to offer. 

Sadly most people don’t notice them and walk by in blissful ignorance.

Life is full of magic for those who are aware and take their time. 

It is well worth slowing down for, because life is far too short to waste. 

Relax, the future is not going anywhere. 

It will be there tomorrow, when another sunrise announces a brand new day. 

Live every day as if it is your last one. 

Don’t waste it. 

Life is precious. 

It is special, and unique for each and everyone of us.

Go milk the day!

Roel Loopers/Freoview

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