Gym closing

MELVILLE council has become the biggest loser, with its gym at LeisureFit Melville being eliminated by the national boom in the fitness sector.

Driven by the success of the reality tv show, the sector has been growing by almost 10 per cent annually, and in Melville alone 34 private facilities have popped up in the last decade.

With budget 24-hour gyms and flexible membership options now available, LeisureFit has struggled to hold its memberships and the council decided during a recent review to close the gym and send the remaining members to Booragoon LeisureFit.

“While it will be sad to close the doors on the gym at LeisureFit Melville in late April, it will allow us to better focus on gym services at LeisureFit Booragoon and provide the ability to diversify the offerings available at this facility, including a new and exciting group training studio, while still providing services in the most efficient way possible,” mayor Russell Aubrey said.

“All other programs and services, including group fitness, wellness, sports and gymbakids, will continued to run at LeisureFit Melville, with new programs currently being developed for the future.”

During the review, the council decided to:

• expand the Booragoon gym including an athletic training zone;

• beef up its seniors, wellness and athletic training with specialist classes; and,

• revitalise LeisureFit Melville with a new group training studio, cafe and meeting rooms.

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