Bump uranium

THEY had a rebranding eight years ago, but Fremantle’s anti-nuclear protestors are gearing up for a new campaign aimed at the McGowan government.

Earlier this week premier Mark McGowan announced four proposed uranium mines in WA would be allowed to proceed because they’d already been approved by the previous Liberal government.

But he said it with crossed fingers, admitting he hoped they’d not proceed.

But spokesperson for Freo-based Ban Uranium Mining Permanently, Bilbo Taylor, says that’s a dangerous position to take and the premier should show the same grit he had when tearing up contracts for Roe 8.

• Anti-nuclear protestors BUMP say the McGowan government is dicing with danger. Photo by Steve Grant

“It’s a kick in the teeth for the traditional Aboriginal communities that we’ve been working with and who voted for Labor on the basis its platform was to oppose uranium mining,” Mr Taylor told the Herald.

“Yet again we see the Labor government capitulating to the threats from the mining industry.”

Mr Taylor said it was a clear campaign platform to kill off the mines, which he says were rammed through in the dying days of the Barnett government as a means of “wedging” Labor.

He says BUMP’s likely to challenge the EPA approval process for some of the mines, saying one was given the green light by the government despite the EPA predicting it would contribute to the extinction of subterranean animals. It’s also looking at challenges around Aboriginal heritage.

BUMP grew out of the Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group which was very active in the 90s. The group is planning a protest against the uranium mines on the steps of Parliament House next Thursday (June 29) at 8am.


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