Drone donkeys

BEEFED-UP security at a Fremantle drone shop didn’t stop thieves from breaking in for the second time in four months.

In the early hours of Good Friday crooks reversed into the front doors of Elk Fish Robotics on Marine Parade and attempted to rob the store, but they only got away with empty boxes as no stock is kept in the shop overnight.

Staffer Abraham Shapiro says they had added deadbolts to the doors after a break-in last December.

“It’s an inconvenience to us and that’s about it,” he says.

“They didn’t take anything of value and the shop front’s insured—it’s just annoying.”

“Just about all the main drone shops in Perth have been hit”.

• Elk Fish Robotoics was smashed by robbers attempting to steal drones. Photo supplied

Also in the early hours of Good Friday, crooks stole goods worth about $1000 from Drone Shop Perth in Bayswater, in what owner Mike Severn has called an “extremely professional” heist.

The basic drone sells for $2000 and there is a high demand for second-hand devices.

“They had cased out our place prior … they had really done their homework,” Mr Severn says.

“My thinking is that they’re just after the money; I don’t think they’re too interested in the drone.”

Some of the devices stolen were non-working display models and have been found in bushland beside the Tonkin Highway.

Mr Shapiro says stolen drones can be traced using their serial numbers.


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