Lila’s up for a cuppa at 106

• Lila Ashworth celebrates her 106th birthday flanked by Melville mayor Russell Aubrey and his wife Glenis. Photo courtesy Carolyn Harris.

LILA ASHWORTH is Myaree’s only known centenarian, and despite already passing the grand age of 106 it’s easy to believe she might have another decade to go.

Ms Ashworth was born on March 2, 1913 and married in 1935, but still lives in her own home and is cared for by one of her septuagenarian sons.

She grew in Toodyay and worked at the local department store’s ladies and gents section, but the Great Depression killed off her department and she and her husband moved to Kalgoorlie where they lived for 38 years. Since then she’s been living in Myaree; her husband died 30 years ago.

Ms Ashworth doesn’t know if there’s any secrets to living to such an advanced age: “I don’t know… I have no idea how I got here,” she laughed.

These days a hearing aid helps out with conversations and her eyesight is not great because of macular degeneration, but Ms Ashworth is remarkably well; she doesn’t need any medication and rarely goes to see a doctor.

“I can’t do very much now, my sight is not good and I just do what I can, just a few little jobs that’s all.”

She spends a lot of time listening to Curtin Radio and once a month joins her fellow “Coffee Ladies” for a cuppa and chat at Winnies Cafe in Winthrop and occasionally heads out for an outing with her family.


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