Sushi itch

I’M not a fan of shopping malls.

They always remind me of the film Dawn of the Dead, where zombies instinctively flock to the local shopping centre to buy toilet rolls and shampoo.

But when I do occasionally go to the Hawaiian shopping centre in Melville, I’ve always been impressed with some of the eating options like Bosu Sushii.

So on Tuesday I channelled George Romero and ordered some takeaway from there.

The menu had a good range of inari, nigiri and maki sushi, along with some salads and hot options (bento, donburi and udon).

The assorted sashimi ($14.90) was delicious and good value: the glistening slices of raw tuna and salmon were super fresh and tasted delicious with a dab of wasabi and some soy sauce.

The slices were thick and it was a decent serve (I recently payed nearly $20 for assorted sashimi in Perth and the slices were about a third of the thickness of these).

A delicious and refreshing entree.

My teriyaki chicken bento ($17.50) had a nice flavour, and the chook was good quality, but it quickly became a salty slog.

Some pickled vegetables and seaweed would have helped break up the dish – refreshing the palate in between the sodium blitzkrieg – and I would have liked less rice and more variety on the plate.

The highlight of the dish was the dainty spring rolls, especially the accompanying sauce, which had a delightful sweet and sour tang.

The kids were busy smashing random objects in the other room, but once I yelled “sushi” they went quiet and sprinted towards the kitchen like demented oompa loompas.

They wolfed down their avocado, and cooked tuna with avocado rolls (both $3.30).

In between mouthfuls I heard the odd “Pokemon” and “We’ll get dad later”, but the rolls were soon devoured and they went back to destroying the house.

The basic sushi rolls were good value for money, and the perfect size for a kid’s lunch.

Across the table, my wife was enjoying her katsu chicken maki ($11.50).

“They’ve got just the right amount of mayo on them, as sometimes they can become a soggy mess,” she noted.

“The chicken is tender, and the katsu batter is nice and crisp.”

To round things off we shared some assorted sushi ($12).

It was nicely presented with the sushi arranged in rank and file, like bright, culinary soldiers.

My favourite piece was the raw tuna and cucumber, which had a lovely clean flavour.

Bosu Sushii is a good shout for a quick sushi or takeaway hit, and I would recommend the sashimi and sushi over the hot dishes.

Bosu Sushii
Hawaiian Shopping Centre Melville
380 Canning Highway Bicton

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